The KHC Way...

Here at Kidney & Hypertension Clinic of Alaska, we specialize in the early diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients at risk for, or suffering from, kidney disease and difficult to treat hypertension. We are dedicated to providing quality care for each and every patient. We strive to provide an intensive, personalized approach to kidney care and work with our patients and their care teams to achieve optimal outcomes.

A Nephrologists Primary Goals Are:

  • Improve and preserve kidney function

  • Slow the progression of kidney disease

  • Reduce medical complications associated with kidney disease

A Nephrologists Job Is To:

  • Explain kidney disease and complications of kidney disease

  • Diagnose the cause of a patient’s kidney disease

  • Implement therapies; diet, exercise, weight loss, supplements, and medications to help slow the loss of kidney functions and treat complications of kidney failure

  • If medically necessary, prepare the patient for kidney replacement therapy; transplant, home dialysis, in center dialysis